When Should You Lose Your Virginity?

When you reach a certain age, you start to notice certain things about the opposite sex. With those new observations come new feelings and desires. These are natural and should be embraced as a part of growing up. You may be curious about sex and want to experiment. While the natural inclination is to push it as far as you can go, your virginity is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Deciding to have sex is a big step toward adulthood and is the undertaking of a new and very important responsibility. No one knows who the right person will be, but you must be knowledgeable and confident before you’re ready to take that step.

Know The “Ins & Outs”

And that doesn’t just mean the anatomy and biology. Educate yourself on the risks, the rewards, the precautions to take and the possible consequences when you have sex. Learn about your alternatives for practicing safe sex. Take a trip to the drugstore to familiarize yourself with your over the counter birth control options and sexual aids, such as lubricants. If you are a male, practice putting on a condom properly. Practice as much as possible until it is natural to you. If you are a female and are considering having sexual relationships, speak with your doctor about getting on the pill to prevent any unwanted pregnancies.

Know Yourself

Know your body. Be familiar with your anatomy so that when you do find yourself ready to have sex, you can confidently speak about where you would like to be touched. Know what your hymen is. Understand that you may experience some pain when the membrane is broken, maybe even some blood. Get in touch with your attitude about sex. Be honest with yourself. Do you look at sex as something positive or do you feel negatively or apprehensive about it? If you’re having reservations about it then perhaps you aren’t ready to take this jump into adulthood. There are plenty of reasons to feel as though you’re ready to have sex and you should feel confident with yourself and your reason before you decide to have sex. Perhaps you feel like you’re in love and think it would be a sign of commitment or perhaps you think it could be fun or feel good. You’re curious and you want to experiment with sex.

Don’t Aim for Perfection

While you may have found the right person and have been taking your birth control pills per the directions, don’t expect things to be perfect. Your first time is not like you’ve seen in the movies. It’s doubtful you’re going to transform into a sex kitten when you lose your virginity.  Yes, you can set the mood a bit and have music playing but it’s likely that things will be awkward the first time. Sometimes you won’t know where to put your hand, sometimes you might feel like just laughing or worse, you fall off the bed. Communicate with your partner, embrace the quirks and just relax.

Sex should be fun and enjoyable

Whoever and in whatever situation you decide to lose your virginity is a personal decision. Hopefully, these tips will have made you feel more secure in your decision to lose your virginity and will help you make some safe sexual choices.