Is it safe to take Provigil and Ativan together?

Unlike poles attract each other. Provigil and Ativan can be compared to unlike poles. Provigil is a drug that promotes wakefulness and Ativan is a drug that causes sedation. Why does someone take a drug to keep themselves alert would want to take another drug for getting sedated?

Actions of Ativan:

Ativan is a popular drug used in the individuals with high levels of psychological anxiety. Lorazepam is the generic name of Ativan. It belongs to a group of drugs called Benzodiazepines that calm down the nervous system. The drug synergies the action of chemicals (GABA) in the brain. GABA reduces the anxiety and causes mild sedation. Ativan is prescribed by doctors for individuals unable to control anxiety or insomnia patients unable to fall asleep.

Actions of Provigil:

Provigil is the most widely prescribed drug to treat shift work sleep disorders and sleep apnea. Provigil is the trade name for Modafinil, a drug that boosts the performance at work. The drug acts on the chemicals in the brain that regulates the activity of the brain. As a result, there is a noticeable enhancement in the alertness, attentiveness, wakefulness, memory, and cognition.

Combination of Ativan and Provigil:

Scenario 1: Provigil is used to counteract the side effects of Ativan. Individuals on long-term medication of Ativan can have side effects such as depression, confusion, memory loss, and impaired thinking and cognition. Provigil makes up for the degraded functional abilities by making them alert and cognitive.

Scenario 2: Ativan is used to counteract the side effects of Provigil. Sleep deprivation in individuals taking Provigil regularly makes them anxious. Ativan paired with Provigil reduces anxiety and causes mild sedation in such individuals.

After effects of combination:

The interactions between Provigil and Ativan are unlikely. The chain of reactions that follow the metabolism of Provigil and Ativan is not clearly understood. However, the drug safety label on Provigil signals warning about the chances of experiencing undesired reactions if taken along with Ativan.

It takes 2 hrs for Ativan to reach a maximum concentration in the blood and remain in the blood for 6-12 hours before getting broken down and excreted. Provigil tablets taken orally give the maximum concentration in the blood after 2-3 hours and keep the effect for 10-12 hours. The drug Provigil gets converted to Modafinil acid and Modafinil sulfone. Modafinil sulfone can synergize anticonvulsant effect of Ativan. Both the drugs taken at the same time can cause high anticonvulsant action. However, the load of metabolism of both drugs can impair the functioning and cause damage to the liver. It is advisable to cease alcohol consumption along with both the drugs to avoid toxic reactions.

The exact interaction of Ativan and Provigil is unanswered. The safety risk of this combination is questionable. However, some individuals reported no side effects when taken in conjugation. Further studies are necessary to support the use of combination. It is advisable to seek consent from the physician before taking both the drugs together.