How can being heavy affect your health?

Gone are the days when chubby people were thought to be prosperous and happy. Now there is something that can keep you away from being overweight and encourage you to maintain an ideal weight. Being heavy and plump was once considered as a sign of prosperity and wellbeing. But this is no longer true. In fact, now being heavy can affect your health to a great extent. So watch out for the after effects and learn to manage your weight for your wellbeing.

Scientific studies have shown that overweight and obesity are one of the important risk factors for many major health disorders. And the best thing about it is that apart from a few cases, overweight can be controlled or reduced. Overweight is weighing more than your ideal weight; obesity is having extra body fat and weighing much more than the ideal weight.

Health risks

Being obese can be harmful for your health. Some of the major diseases that are related to obesity are:

High cholesterol – Increased amount of fat in the body increases the risk of having high blood cholesterol levels. This in turn increases the risk for major heart diseases.

Heart disease – Coronary heart disease is a condition where the artery supplying blood to the heart gets blocked. These blockages are due to the deposition of cholesterol, calcium, fat and other substances in blood. When the artery gets blocked it causes severe pain, which is commonly known as a heart attack.

High blood pressure – Blood pressure is the force exerted by the blood on its vessel walls when it is pumped out of the heart. Obesity increases the risk of having a high blood pressure, which if remains high for a longer period can have serious effects on the health.

Diabetes – Diabetes is a condition of having blood sugar levels higher than normal. Persistent high sugar levels can further complicate by affecting kidneys, eyes, and other organs and it also increases the risk of heart disease.

Bone and joint disorders – Increased body weight exerts more pressure on bones and joints, thereby causing more wear and tear and pain. Diseases like osteoarthritis, back pain, knee pain are on the rise. The risk of injuries also increases.

Gall stones – These are mostly cholesterol stones found in the gallbladder and can cause severe abdominal pain.

Reproductive problems – Obesity can interfere with menstrual and reproductive functioning in females and can also cause infertility. You can help

Being aware of the situation is the first step towards your goal. Achieving an ideal weight may be a challenge but you can reach your targets by being focused and determined. Stay motivated and work through your plan to reduce the risk of ailments.