Buying Provigil online without prescription

Provigil is a medication that is endorsed to promote wakefulness in adults who suffer from excessive sleepiness during the day even though they had proper sleep at night. Provigil is categorized as a prescription medication hence it must be consumed with care. Provigil is also used by many healthy users as to improve their cognition skills. So many people are looking to buy Provigil without a prescription.

Is buying Provigil without a prescription legal?

As Provigil is a prescription medication, it is considered illegal to buy Provigil medication without a prescription. It not more the legality but it is the safety that one must be concerned about. The reason why a medicine is declared as a prescription medication is because it is a controlled drug that must be used in a controlled manner. The FDA is only looking out for the health of the citizens when they restrict a use of the pill. That is why you should never get Provigil without a prescription. With the advent of many online pharmacies you can easily get Provigil without a prescription. But by getting so you might be risking your own health because you might take excess dosage or take in an improper manner. And what is the proof that the online pharmacy will only send you genuine Provigil. Pharmacies not asking for the prescription in the first place should itself be a red flag. Hence before getting Provigil it is best to consult a doctor and get a prescription.

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Ways in which you can expedite the process of getting Provigil prescription

If for some reason you are unable to get a prescription for Provigil, you can go for a faster way which is getting an online prescription. Some authentic online pharmacies in the recent times have incorporated a feature in their website which is providing an online prescription with the help of online doctors. These online doctors will verify your condition and see that you do not have any condition that interferes with the pill and it is safe for you to consume the pill. You might have to upload your medical documents do facilitate this process. This is the safer alternative to getting Provigil without a prescription. The doctor’s assessment will ensure that you do not take Provigil in a wrong dosage or at irregular timings. This online prescription facility however is only legal in certain countries, so check the regulations in your country before proceeding with this way.

Key points to bear in mind before getting Provigil online prescription

Although it is relatively easy to get a prescription for Provigil some important points must be kept in mind before making the purchase of Provigil. It is important to ensure the authenticity of the online pharmacy. You must also make sure that they have accredited genuine doctors working for them. This process of getting an online prescription will cost a little amount of money but it is nowhere near what you have to spend for a doctor’s consultation especially in countries like the United States.